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Establishing Your Account

The great thing about establishing a Management and Settlement Account is that each client that activates a Progressive Management Plan is able to uncap their earning potential without contradicting traditional borrowing methods.

Clients can access alternative borrowing solutions that are not dictated by traditional financial structures. A great way to obstruct traditional financing and expand borrowing parameters because we’re breaking financial barriers and offers clients the opportunity to self-direct their income.

How it works

1. The client submits an application and opens a Management and Settlement Account 2. The client's Management and Settlement Account is opened and remits funds to our nominated bank to secure SBLC's
3. The client activates a Progressive Management Plan through his/her account 4. Client is paid on a quarterly and term schedule
To ensure payments, the client must meet some basic qualifications:
1. Must have the ability to borrow against project developments, sales/acquisitions, imports/exports 2. Acquire a Progressive Management Plan without the assistance of a third party 3. Project Developments, Sales/Acquisitions, Imports/Exports must meet the Progressive Management Plan qualification guidelines

We've Tipped The Scale In Your Favor!!!

Getting started is easy and simple.

Select your plan, open account, get financed, get covered...

Select Your Position Below

Transactional Managers
Borrow $800,000 Plus In Transactional FundingSecure $200,000 Plus In Transactional Funding
Guaranteed 100% Logistics And Financial ManagementNo Hard Asset Collateral Requirements
Personal/Business Credit Not RequiredFixed Interest Rates
Payments Deferred For 18 MonthsUp To 80% In Cash Reimbursement Options


The conventional financial bindings of borrowing has left you restricted and it's time to bring it to an end. Unleash and unbind yourself from the financial walls of conventional borrowing and begin...

1. The extraordinary break-through of standard banking and its limitations, expand capital, receive guaranteed wealth, logistics and financial management. 2. Borrow $800,000 plus in transactional funding against any risk related transaction. Purge all risk associated transactions by offsetting risk with a Progressive Management Plan.
3. Generate $25,000 plus quarterly or $800,000 to $5,000,000 plus in Loan Repatriations.

Get introduced to a revolutionizing system that is rescinding old century thinkers into risk manageable athletes of the 21st century.

Why Work With Us?                                              

The answer is simple. We guarantee to provide 100% wealth, logistics and financial management against any risk related transaction. What better way to acquire safe management borrowing against transactional risk?

Begin borrowing $800,000 plus in transactional funding, generate $25,000 plus quarterly to $5,000,000 plus in Loan Repatriations. 

Get Invited Now

Thank you for contacting our Loan Management Center and your interest in our services. We'd like to invite you to establish a Management and Settlement Account.

Protecting your transactional risk against any risk related transaction is our priority.