Fellsway Winchester & Associates LP

Transactional Banking For Developments & Cross Border Acquisitions

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Welcome To Our Firm

Fellsway Winchester & Associates LP is a private Investment Banking Organization (IBO) that provides transactional banking for developments and cross border acquisitions. We manage transactional risk against low to high maintenance contracts and developments offering logistics and financial coverage i.e. projects and buy/sells.

We operate a Global Resource Administrative Capital Enhancement System known as the G.R.A.C.E. system.

What is the G.R.A.C.E. System?

An administrative wealth connections system that connects Portfolio Holders to a variety of transactional risk management strategies. The system is designed to navigate our objectives through Portfolio Holders providing transactional risk management solutions.  

It is the objective of the IBO to provide a safe environment and eliminate conventional banking methods used only to protect its purpose.

Fellsway Winchester & Associates LP is mandated to overcome and conquer the limitations of conventional banks that continue to decline in their ability to meet the parameters of managing transactional risk.