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Transactional Based Portfolio Management Solutions

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Welcome To Our Firm

Fellsway Winchester & Associates LP is a private Investment Banking Organization (IBO) that offers transactional based portfolio management solutions against low to high maintenance contracts.

The IBO operates a Global Resource Administrative Capital Enhancement System herein known as the G.R.A.C.E. System that defies conventional limitations of modern finance. In other words, the IBO has modified the standard business models applied in the common markets. Our systematic implementations and strategic methods provides an appeal to Consumers who experience inadequacies of meeting traditional services.

What is the G.R.A.C.E. System?

An administrative wealth connections system that connects Portfolio Holders to a variety of transactional based portfolio management strategies. The system is designed to navigate our objectives through Portfolio Holders providing transactional based portfolio management solutions.  

We assist Portfolio Holders with the transition process of obtaining financial or logistics coverage by implementing a transactional performance plan against low to high maintenance contracts. The IBO binds its capital against a policy to secure low to high maintenance contracts. In other words, the IBO covers the transactional risk.

It is the objective of the IBO to provide a safe environment and eliminate conventional financing and banking methods used only to protect its purpose.

Start by selecting a Risk Managed Protection Policy and begin eliminating: 

1. Failed projects with a Coverage Protection Plan that protects the development value.

2. Failed buy/sells with a Coverage Protection Plan that protects the contract value. 

2. Failed projects with a Development Protection Plan that protects the development value.