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Financial & Logistics Management

We work with ready clients who have acquired guaranteed risk related transactions to receive logistics and financial management against project developments, sales/acquisitions, imports/exports or any other type of transactional funding such as;

Land/ConstructionSmall BusinessMedical
Bridge LoansChurch LoansOffice Retail
Hard Money LoansRehab LendersFactoring
Shopping CentersGolf CoursesHotels/Motels
Mix Use DevelopmentsCasinosMobile Home Parks
Shopping MallsAssisted LivingFuneral Homes
International FundingEquipmentOil Exploration

The most important aspect of our business is risk management. We provide opportunities to clients that require alternative borrowing solutions.

The center services two management types;

1. Financial Management2. Logistics Management
A: Financial management against the value of the risk related transaction. A: Logistics management and expenses against an unrelated risk related transaction.
B: Financial management against the contract value of goods.  B: Logistics management against the contract value risk and unnatural events.