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Our Plans

The IBO offers three Protection Plans to secure transactional risk against low to high maintenance contracts. 

As a Portfolio Holder, that means there is zero risk applied to the transaction.

The plan is simple. It provides Portfolio Holders the opportunity to manage their transactions without risk. This means that the Portfolio Holder is covered against his/her low to high maintenance contracts.

The Portfolio Holders is prohibited from receiving interest payments against his/her privately owned contracts.

Each plan works the same way a Policy Holder selects an insurance carrier to cover their personal risk such as car, life, home, etc.

The transaction acts as the risk and liability to the Portfolio Holder and the IBO is the insurance underwriter to Portfolio Holder's risk and liability.

Asset Protection

An Administrative Custodial Fund secured by assets such as a certificate of deposit, insurance policy or both against a minimum of $1,000,000 in cash.

The Asset Protection Plan protects the capital against a Coverage or Development Protection Plan.

With an Asset Protection Plan, the Portfolio Holder will be able to place their capital into an Insurance Certified Deposit Account for a term of 10 months up to 5 years.

This plan accumulates wealth without restrictions and limitations.

Coverage Protection

A financial or logistics coverage plan secured by an insurance policy that protects risk against a low or high maintenance contract.

The Coverage Protection Plan provides Portfolio Holders with low to high maintenance contracts to obtain coverage against their transactions without risk.

In other words, the plan protects the contract value receiving financial or logistics coverage.

The great thing about this plan is that the Portfolio Holder can manage his/her transactional risk efficiently.

Development Protection

Transaction secured by an insurance policy that protects the development risk against the project.

The Development Protection Plan provides Portfolio Holders with projects to obtain financial or development coverage against low maintenance developments without risk. In other words, the plan protects the development value receiving financial coverage.