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Transactional Banking For Developments & Cross Border Acquisitions

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How We Work

Fellsway Winchester & Associates LP works on a consultancy basis. Our team of Managers provides transactional risk management solutions.

Our solutions are determined based on the selected Risk Managed Protection Policy as follows: 

1. A Coverage Protection Plan that manages high maintenance contracts and developments.

2. A Development Protection Plan that manages low maintenance developments.

We are revolutionizing an obsolete system that calls for a new era of transcendence. An element that forges a path to go beyond the current limitations of standard banking. What we offer is unique and the first of its kind. 

The IBO has transitioned itself to be a proprietor in a niche market separating ourselves from its competitors. As we embark to be the new centurion of the new age, we will supersede standard banking and FDIC regulations by introducing a proprietary system that offers transactional banking for developments and cross border acquisitions.

This system will continue to re-position the conventional methods of banking by structuring secure-able assets against our transactional risk management strategies. The IBO goes above and beyond to provide simplified solutions in its every process. 

The IBO will assist its Portfolio Holders from beginning to end. With us, the transaction value of each low to high maintenance contract and development is secured by a Protection Plan that manages the transactional risk providing logistics and financial coverage on every project and buy/sell. 

Alternative Banking Solutions

The IBO offers International Bank Accounts to Portfolio Holders that require transactional management assistance.

We assist Portfolio Holders with establishing an International Business Account (IBA) in offshore commercial or private banks located in the Netherlands. The account can be used for any financial purpose.

The IBA is included with a Protection Plan.

What we offer:

  • Company Formation
  • Business Name of your Choice
  • Dedicated Accountant
  • Tax and Legal Services Included
  • Dedicated Bank Account
  • Insurance Certified Deposits
  • Online Accessibility
  • Dedicated Customer Service

All established accounts come with optional fiduciary management services. This means that the Portfolio Holder can choose to control 100% of the established company or not.

The caveat to having a fiduciary management team is to provide support with future expansions such as opening additional accounts, other banking related activities or corporate based solutions to be managed without the Portfolio Holder's physical presence (if applicable).

The great benefit to activating an IBA is that the Portfolio Holder is able to customize its corporate structure as he/she sees fit.

The average turnaround time is approximately 30 calendar days to complete account opening process.

Getting started is easy and simple. Select your plan, open account, get covered...