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Transactional Based Portfolio Management Solutions

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Us vs Them

The IBO prides itself of its non-conventional financial methods in comparison to other leading conventional lenders. What separates us from conventional lenders is our protective transactional based portfolio management solutions. Below is a chart showing the difference between the lending methods showcased.

Conventional LendersInvestment Banking Organization
  • Protects its capital interest
  • Requires collateral to secure loan
  • Provides no financial and insurance coverage
  • Provides high adjustable interest rates
  • Must meet minimum credit score of 620
  • Debt to income must be lower than 43%
  • Early Pre-Payment Penalties (In Most Cases)
  • Loan terms up to 30 years
  • Pay stubs, tax statements and W2 requirements
  • Requires closing cost
  • Provides financial or logistics coverage
  • No hard asset collateral requirements
  • Protects capital interest (Loan Reimbursement Options)
  • Provides low fixed interest rates (Non-recourse rates available)
  • No credit score requirements (Personal or Business)
  • No debt to income requirements
  • No Early Pre-Payment Penalties
  • Loan terms up to 5.5 years with 18 months grace period
  • Must meet capability requirements (Proof of Funds Statement)
  • No closing cost requirements

The IBO understands the importance of protecting the asset value against risk exposure. We strive to standout and place ourselves in a non-competitive position because we believe that receiving financial or logistics coverage should not be rocket science.